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About Me

Hello beautiful people, I am love-vale, a natural born God gifted clairvoyant from England. Great coach and advisor for individuals who seek clarity in their relationships. I’ve been helping people professionally for over 5years but I started putting my gifts to practice roughly about 8 years now. 

My subjects are (love, relationships, money, career, sex, emotional issues and intimacy) I specialise in all areas of love and relationships. Past present and near future. I also provide readings regarding career and money. I connect instantly while providing true, direct and straight readings to all my clients. Full of positivity and refreshing readings. 

I have helped people including close friends and family in their relationships, money and career with accurate and confidential services.


Highly intuitive, empathetic caring listener and positive life coach. My gifts have been present since a young age as my beautiful grandmother encouraged me to make use of my gifts with ease after a series of issues were solved in the family with my gifts. 

I have helped people get back together happily in their relationships and finding love including sex life and intimacy. Nothing is too much of a problem for me. I believe I will be able to guide and help you in all areas. I am always available if you need someone to talk to. (Sympathetic ear). 

Under no case will you ever be disappointed with my readings rather living you refreshed, empowered and uplifted after each session. Looking forward to reading with you. Love and blessings