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About Me

Readings in all matters of the heart 

👁‍🗨Crystal Clear Visions 

I am an indigo spiritualist and was born with extra sensory ability. I've mastered all spiritual ancient arts of the 🎴Tarot Cards, 🔮Crystal Ball, 🤲🏻Palmistry & 🌗Astrology Readings 

I can and will dismantle all obstacles blocking your path to peace and happiness

Let me guide you to your spiritual path to success✨!


I am Serena, I am natural born with my gift. I am of Cherokee Indian descent and my spiritual ability runs deep through my veins. I have been reading successfully since the young age of 8. I will tell you the way it is, and how to avoid the obstacles and knowing the consequences that may be involved and the changes needed for a positive outcome! 

I have 20 years experience as a clairvoyant psychic. I specialize in 💗love, relationships, 🐶pet, 💼career, and 🎴tarot readings. 

🔸Clairsentience* (empathic) 


🔸Claircognizance* (knowing) 

🔸Tarot Card Interpretations 


🔸Dream Analysis