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There are many creative and beautifully designed tarot decks available worldwide today. Most of them attempt to highlight particular symbolism in each case. The Rider-Waite tarot cards display core and subtle imagery suggested by Waite and translated into colorful drawings by American artist Pamela Colman Smith. A Rider tarot reading tries to provide and decipher the complexity of relationships, ongoing problems, and general inquiries. Waite asserted that a reading by gifted and intuitive tarot card readers will not only be accurate and empowering but simple and fluid too. Tarot cards can help you hear your powerful inner voice, the one usually diminished by our noisy daily routines. Waite tarot does not forecast the future. It is only a useful resource for tapping into your intuition and revealing the feelings, fears and emotions you hold within. If you listen to what Rider tarot readings are revealing to you and learn its lessons, you will find yourself on a path toward a happier, spiritually-illuminated and more fulfilling life.