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About Me

Hello beautiful!

I am so glad you decided for us to connect! I can't wait to look at your questions, concerns, challenges and to help you. I would like for you to take the time to work on your question so we can look at it ASAP. I love specific questions because it gives me the opportunity to get started and find that solution quickly. 

I find most persons draw close to me based on love and relationship questions. Perhaps it's my energies that attract them. I also am able to provide guidance in other areas, like career or in general. 

So think it through carefully, and then enter the chatroom. I like to be direct, yet compassionate. I am Clairvoyant, Clairaudient but most of all I am Clairsentient. I've found that Clairsentient is my favorite though because I use this gift to connect your energies and I can instantly tell what's happening 🔮 . I had an experience with a customer where because I was so connected to her energies, everything she was going to tell me before hitting send, I already told her what she was going to type. Her feedback was amazing where she said, “Racquel just talked and talked….conversation just flowed. We even both typed the same answers at the same time.”

I really would love to share my gifts with you, I don't believe that I was born with them to just be placed on the shelf. So feel free to use them to give you solutions to your questions.

I also at times use tarot to help tell a picturesque story. I normally blend my gifts, along with the tarot. Let's do this. You came this far, so it's certainly a sign from the universe 🪐

💬What are you waiting for! Let's connect!💬


Thanks so much for stopping by. I have had my psychic abilities for many years without even realizing. I knew something was different about me since age 3. But I found that in my 20s they developed without even trying. And I would notice that each time I dreamt, things would start manifesting as predicted. 

I have worked with numerous Psychic reading companies for the past three years and the excitement is just getting started over here as well. I have numerous reviews from these companies as well and I am pleased to be part of Modern Psychics and to add to the legacy. I am so happy to know we discovered each other.

Through my Clair gifts, I have been working with many clients and can't wait to add you to the list. I can't wait to connect with you, we were destined to connect.