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About Me

I am a 👁‍🗨generational psychic/ 🎴tarot card reader. I have been professionally offering my services for over 15 years. My great grandmother and grandmother were healers in the second World War in the United Kingdom and many of psychic abilities have been passed on from generation to generation. 

I will ask you the simple question of what are you looking for in your reading❓I ask the tarot as you put your questions forward, you can ask me as many questions as you like and for each one I will draw a new card and give you the answers you seek through the cards. 

I also look at 💕compatibility of zodiac signs with your date of birth as a starting point. I do not sugar coat the truth from fact. I tell you what the cards show me, can I bring back a lost lover? 

I do not perform spells but it is an interest I do have. I do feel the energies around you and I offer these energies an expert's advice. Each reading is unique to each individual I encounter, my main aim is to bring you positive energy in your aura when you are struggling in a difficult situation. 

I am not here to judge you, each client is very important to me and I will offer the best expert advice available.


I have been doing professional online and in-person tarot readings for almost 15 years. I also offer getting in touch with your passed loved ones in the 🦋spirit realm. I also offer a dream analysis service where I try to help you remember and piece together your dreams. The tarot card offers me great insight and guidelines on your situation

I also use 💕zodiac compatibility which can take some time in establishing the correct energy for you, I am also very patient and freely available to help you understand your situation better. 

I feel that you my client are my most important asset and I will always be available and on call for a chat if you need me. YOU are what makes doing this job so much more interesting as each and everyone has their own unique energy that I connect with, establishing this connection must be willing and open. You can provide me with any information you choose. 

All I absolutely require is your date of birth and first name, all other information is yours, it's your call to disclose it or not . I hope I can connect with you too!.