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About Me

25➕ years of empowering insight. Let's clear the confusion and get straight clear honest answers. 

I primarily give 💬 live chat intuitive readings. All you need to do to begin your journey with me to enlightenment is to share your name. I can read for you with or without using any tools. However, my readings are mostly done using a combination of my own 👁‍🗨psychic gift, 🎴tarot and communication from my 🦋spirit guides.

I am an old soul with the ability to feel deep compassion through my empathic abilities; I can give you honest answers and clarity to all your concerns. I can help you to communicate with loved ones who have crossed over, including Pets 🐶, through my mediumship abilities

I have the ability to help you understand others, find closure around current and past issues, and to help with emotional and spiritual healing.


I can guide you back to a time before birth in this lifetime to discover the root causes of problems you may be experiencing in the present and heal them. 

This may include relationship issues, chronic illnesses, phobias, addictions, sexual dysfunction, inexplicable attraction or aversion to someone, recurring nightmares, fear of death, I enable you to connect with your 🌀soul-self and discover what your immortal life is in the soul world between incarnations. 

You'll be able to see your karmic growth patterns through many lifetimes, why you have chosen certain bodies and lifetimes, connect with your 🦋spirit guides, and understand your soul’s lessons on a profound level.