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About Me

Hey there. I'm Marcus. 

I am an experienced counsellor that can help with 💼(financial) careers, 🫂relationships and 💕love. With years of experience helping people to get through difficult times who needed a little ⏩‘push' in the right direction to accelerate their career lives or strengthen their position in relationships. 

Every day we're dealing with a process of recharging our energy. The amount of energy we recharge determines whether we are able to fulfill our plans for the day and make the right decisions. Besides the expertise that I have to offer in relation to endurance energy/stamina, I have extended knowledge about finances. From basics such as accounting/budgets to forecasting, taxes and investments. With accounting, taxes and reporting being part of my expertise.

Most of our struggles catch up with us on a daily basis📅 because we do't have enough money. Lack of money is often caused by a lack of energy. A lack of energy has many sources and there are tangible changes we can make in our lives to step out of this spiral of negative influences and decisions.

Did you run into a situation and you just lost direction? Do you feel like you're making the right decisions but not heading to the direction you intended? Perhaps it's time for you to stop running for a moment and think about where you're standing together with someone else.

⚖️I am here to help you slow down for just a moment and help you to understand what is happening with you right now. 💬After our conversation you will feel confident to continue, strong to make tough decisions and energized to keep going.


Experienced counsellor for career 🧑‍🎓, relationships 🫂and 💔love situations and how to use stamina to improve your decision making process

I use my extended knowledge about finances 📈and endurance (stamina) to give mental and physical support to others. Often we are entangled in a continuous flow of ☑️negative influences on our life. We are unhappy because our finances are not sufficient or our energy is not fully charged to achieve what we want. Mostly those variables are directly related to each other. Low energy causes us to be less productive and thus having less income. If our income is not sufficient we can't afford a healthy lifestyle and thus our energy levels stay low.

I provide help to others to get an alternative view on their life and how to use one of the most important energy sources in our life: stamina.

🟢Decision making requires stamina and with a lack of this energy source you could be making wrong decisions. With a risk of falling in this endless repeating negative spiral of wrong decisions. Our mind is constantly taking in details from around us. We use these details in decision making. Resisting negative influences drains our stamina fast with the risk of our stamina running low. With a low stamina we are vulnerable and end up making decisions we wish we replaced with better ones.

Where many of you focus on one direction or specific goal and keep making decisions towards this direction and/or goals you often miss out on the possible alternatives. I'm an experienced (financial) (career) analyst to help you understand the importance of where you're heading at the moment and how to use stamina to create a better you today. I provide you with options and realistic alternatives that could change your life and give you positive energy to continue a stronger financial future.