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About Me

Tarot, oracle cards, and a pendulum are the tools that I 🌟prefer to use. 

These are combined with my natural abilities to provide you with the answers that you desire and deserve. 

I use my energetic training to connect with your energy and my clairsentient abilities to get a feel for the situation. When you ask your question, I tune into your energy. 

I use my intuition and clairsentience to get a feel for your situation and your energy. I then use the tarot, oracle cards and/or the pendulum to delve deeper.

You are given my impressions and interpretations of the information I am receiving

My readings are more geared towards your present situation and the near future or the outcome of the current situation. 

Advice, action steps and cautions are often included in the reading. I will help you get some clarity and direction and start moving forward in your life again. You will find no judgement here. 

I believe that every person deserves to be treated with compassion and respect. Everyone deserves an honest reading without the fear of being judged

My goal is to give you guidance, clarity and direction. I want to help you get unstuck and start moving forward toward the future. 

Let me help you create the future that you desire 💝.


My experience goes back twenty years to when I began reading for family and friends. After practice, training, and building my psychic skills, I began professional reading about fifteen years ago

I have provided readings through phone, chat, text message, email, video and live in person. My training includes 🧘🏻‍♀️reiki energy healing, 🌀spiritual coaching, 🧘🏻‍♀️meditation, 🪐astrology, 👁‍🗨parapsychology, 🔮psychic development and ⚕️holistic health

I draw on the combination of my natural gifts of empathy and clairsentience along with this training to provide answers for you. Reiki training and experience has helped me learn to connect with the energy around people and see where some energetic blocks and issues come into play. 

Life coaching training has helped me learn to communicate more clearly.

Providing psychic readings and reiki energy healing has helped me develop my skills and continue to improve my readings

My philosophy is that a person can never learn too much. That is why I continue my education, add more skills and have a personal spiritual practice. I am on a journey of personal and professional growth

I have provided readings through various platforms and have learned how to successfully connect with people and provide guidance and answers through each of these platforms. Connecting with the client and providing a satisfying experience has always been the goal.