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About Me

Need guidance in love, relationships, or career advice? 

I am an intuitive empath, clairvoyant & clairaudient psychic medium,tarot reade andd I use the pendulum to compement. As a child, I experienced a near death experience and ever since have been connected with my guides and Guardian Angels. I first got into astrology in my teens and then later tarot. I have been practicing tarot for over 10 years. 

I can tune into energies around a situation or people and can help ease your worries about a situation. I can tell you how another person is feeling and what the likely outcome of a situation will be. I give answers and advice the way it is shown to me. 

No judgment, very compassionate and healing. I truly believe my gifts are here to help those who need a guiding light through their anxieties and trauma.


I first began giving tarot readings to friends and family members over 10 years ago, along with reading synastry astrology charts for others. 

I teach tarot reading classes through an online program and do group workshops for psychic mediumship and tarot readings. I also have some experience with pet communication as well.