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About Me

I am a trained and certified tarot reader with gifts of psychic seeing and hearing. 

I am also an empath, hence, I can feel and read the energies of others and tailor their readings according to that. 

I have always been connected to the universe in a special way as I am a Sirian starseed. Hence, I am a gentle person by nature, making my readings easy to accept and understand despite the fact that I don't sugarcoat. 

You will get non-judgmental, straightforward answers with a touch of my psychology background for the beautiful medley with is a psychic reading along with insights that can give you great realizations. 

My readings are meant to not only answer your questions, but to guide you towards the right path. I do not do readings that are related to health, pregnancy, court cases including divorces, or anything that may be triggering or uncomfortable for me. I will politely disconnect if I am being asked to engage in topics that are not comfortable for me or if I sense a tone that is not kind. 

I look forward to reading for you, beautiful soul.


I have always been connected to the world beyond our 3D realm, however, I discovered my gifts and love for spirituality and the occult/tarot/etc. at the age of 16. 

I have been reading tarot ever since then and haven't stopped. I have 6 years of experience in the craft with a few years of reading for major psychic websites and conducting my own tarot/coaching business. I am pursuing psychology as my career and have training in counselling skills and crisis management, making me the perfect tarot reader as I can combine my intuitive insights with practical coaching

I have read for people from across the globe, including countries such as India, Pakistan, Mexico, Iran, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland, the United States, etc. I also specialize in LGBTQ+ readings. 

These aspects make my readings culturally sensitive, and accepting and warm towards everyone. Which is why you should chat with me to get a straightforward yet gentle, well rounded, and open-minded reading with me.