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About Me

My psychic ability comes through my mother. I have worked professionally for thirty years. 

The psychic voice has been with me since birth. 

Training myself to use and share that ever-present voice has been a lifelong journey. I learned Reiki as an adult using the Dr. Mikao Usui method. Reiki awakened an ancient pathway to healing. That pathway was a kind of relief. We all have gifts. I discovered through Reiki my gift was to heal. It taught me to see not only what was wrong, but to recognize the source of pain and to sort through pathways of conflicting emotions. I know what has happened and what brings relief. I travel from cause, to effect, to resolution. The pathway back is open and my future sigh


My approach is to look. I see within the individual. You, your partners, and your friends stand before me. I look at things from the hidden to the obvious. Your money, your career, partners and friends are all visible. Your questions do have answers and your problems can be solved. I will help. I see both to the past and to the future. I identify definite directions and possibilities to pursue. I interpret motives and desires. What people do is often obvious; why they do it is what I see. I see the intended versus the obvious, and the web of lies that can surround them both. With Reiki, I help, heal, comfort, and relieve. Your mind, body, and spirit can be revived. Have you been betrayed? I will see who, why, and what to