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About Me

Hi I'm Kitt your gifted intuitive reader and certified dating /relationship coach. I use Tarot, Gypsy and oracle cards

I am clairvoyant and empathic. As a dating coach, I can guide you to find love beyond traditional advice because I also have intuitive gifts so I help you make better decisions in love 💗to avoid heartbreak and wasting your time with lovers who are just not serious. It's not that you're unlucky in love, your approach is wrong and you just need to tools and guidance to get the relationship you want and that's where I come in. I am a beacon of light in your love life. 

I am a Gifted Reader with professional experience of 15 years which will help you to know about your past, present and future of your Love Life or Career. I am here to answer all your questions. As a natural born empath I am non judgmental and honest in my approach very compassionate. I tell you everything you need to know. I give truthful insight with my advice I help you put things into perspective so you leave our session with a plan of action to achieve positive results in your life. 

My aim when someone leaves a session with me they feel hopeful and have clear direction no confusion. I want to help you change your life. 

Even if the information I give is not what you wish to hear we work towards making it better. I give you the tools to help you set and attain realistic goals in your love life. I am your friend I truly care and help everyone I connect with. 

Sometimes you may be tired of friends and family who just do not understand your situation they give negative feedback I am a listening ear and support. You may feel like you are speaking and expressing but no one is truly hearing you or understanding your situation. Connect with me if you need to vent or get some honest non judgemental advice.

Friends and family at times can be a bit unsympathetic and dismissive they may say things like “why don't you just leave him” or “he is not good for you” they don't see or understand your connection with that special someone. You can only leave when the heart wants to, it's not that easy to walk away from a bond. I am here to support you and give you the tools to get through things. I help you figure out what's best for you 💕.
Let's live better lives in love…..


I have over 15 years of experience reading online and in person. My gifts have been passed on from my grand mother who was a very accomplished and well known seer in my country. As a dating and relationship coach I have 9 years experience. 

I have helped many single women find love and also get married. I have helped couples during separation and divorce many have reconciled and live happy together. I use my cards and spirit guides also my expertise as a certified dating and relationship coach to assist women and men who want to find love and are confused with the tools to create happy lasting long term relationships. 

Love is beautiful you just need a little guidance to get your desires. I don't only read love lives I can read any question you need clarity on. I am also great with career readings. I have guided many people in career transitions, promotions, starting businesses, problems with co workers and bosses

Let's connect 💬and work on creating a new happy path!