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About Me

I would be honored to help you get the clarification you're seeking to manifest happiness and create your best life. I love general readings and open hearts ready to receive whatever messages are meant for you. By looking at multiple areas of your life, we can connect to your higher self and give you a look at the big picture. As a born empath, I am sensitive and heart-centered in my work to support others. Volunteering with hospice patients has helped me hone my gifts of intuition and compassion. I have studied psychology and sociology at the university level and am certified in multiple tools of divination. My goal is to make you feel heard, supported and ready to live life to the fullest. I look forward to meeting you exactly where you are today. Your future is yours to create. Appointments welcome.


I have worked with hundreds of clients on a journey to understand how the universe works through intuition, meditation, tarot and oracle cards and learning to love yourself fully and with the same compassion and grace you give to others. I have training in various tools of divination, dream interpretation, understanding your spirit guides, animal guides and reconnecting to self after past trauma. It would be my honor and pleasure to work with you as a coach, advisor, empath and spiritual mentor.