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About Me

My name is Jessica surrounded by Kabbalah, magic (African voodoo, witches, ghosts, and other magicals) and 👁clairvoyance for generations from a young age. Since my childhood, I am clairvoyant and able to speak with ghosts. 

I have also been laying cards for many years and can usually rely on the testimony of my cards. But most of the time I do not need cards. I often just know things like that. Through my clairvoyance, I can help you better understand relationships, and I am also able to read the thoughts of other people; for example, I know whether a human is lying or not, whether love is felt or not, whether someone has an affair or not, etc. 

However, I have no control over how your future develops; the future is not finally known at the time of your call; I can only support you on the way to achieving the goal, nothing else. 🙏🏻Please keep this in mind when calling me. I help every counselor, but only if you understand that you have your life in your own hands! I have no influence on what happens in your life, what arrives or not. 

🔆Important 🔆: The future is not certain yet. There is only the Here and Now. With my cards 🎴/ 👁‍🗨my clairvoyance / 🔮my glass ball I pick up vibrations 〰and emotions, which are then reflected as event stream in the cards or in the glass ball. What the cards / glass ball say will most likely arrive. 

But the result of a card reading can change with a "wrong" behavior! Also the movies and pictures that I see in the glass ball. But: almost everything is possible, almost every goal is achievable. Through thought manifestation and subsequent letting go. 

My task is to analyze your situation as well as the current status quo rationally and completely neutral in value in order to find a solution. 

I look forward to your call and thank you for your confidence.


I've been working as an advisor in Germany for more than 10 years now and with hundreds of clients in United States and United Kingdom for the past 2 years.