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About Me

I am an experienced, empathic, Tarot reader, who is LGBT friendly and non-dogmatic in my approach, as I love helping people and work to provide an understanding for my clients in their situations along with the steps that they can take in the advice that I offer. 

My Readings are very compassionate and non-judgmental and I use my psychic abilities with Tarot cards to help people to understand their situation. In particular, I specialize in matters regarding 💗Love & 🧑‍🎓Career and I also specialize in soulmate and twin flame connections. I truly enjoy what I do for people and I hope that you will enjoy my services as well!

  • I can answer questions, such as:
  • Do they miss me?
  • What are their feelings about me?
  • Is there anyone else in their life?
  • What are his/her intentions with me?
  • When will they propose?
  • Do they think about me?
  • They are being distant and hot and cold. What are their true feelings about me?
  • ... And many more questions regarding Love & Career


I have worked as an online 👨🏻‍💻and in-person psychic and 🎴Tarot reader for over 6 years, helping thousands of clients along the way, and have been lucky enough to have many return clients. I also have experience with translating and editing spiritual literature and creating online courses.