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About Me

Often times, we already know what we need to do to walk our path, or to select which “door” to walk through. If we may have doubts or second thoughts, it is sometimes helpful to receive a gentle nudge or see some “fairy lights” guide our steps. That's where I might come in

I can assist in ✨illuminating your path and offering you clarity for which path might be ideal for you in your current situation. Focusing in with you on your choices and questions, I might use oracle or tarot cards, a pendulum, or crystal scrying. Different situations call for different tools and skill sets. 

Consider 🧘🏻‍♀️energy work when you already know the answers, but are looking for a little extra “pixie dust." I can send 👐🏻Reiki energy to help you on your path of personal growth or for healing. Reiki (synergized with fae magic) can help heal psychological or emotional wounds from this current or past lifetimes, cut cords, clear energy blockages, provide energy tune-ups, just to name a few. Honestly, there is very little a touch of Reiki cannot help with. 

Another passion of mine is helping those that might be on their own gender journey or may be questioning their gender in this lifetime. 🏳️‍🌈As a non-binary, gender~fluid-identifying fae, I can understand and empathize with the challenges that folx face when feeling uncertain about gender or considering coming out.


Since I could walk, I have tuned in to the natural world and Mother Earth's elements, recognizing subtle shifts in energy from breezes, water ripples, or flame flickers. Growing up and playing in the Ozark Mountains, I have stepped through countless gateways, and perhaps a few faery rings, bathed in the moonlight, and confided in trees. 

Perhaps these experiences primed me for spiritual uplevelings, or perhaps I was born with an ingrained intuitive ability. Whatever the case, I have been integrating clairsentient knowledge, lived experience, and fae folk knowledge to guide myself and others in living fun, enjoyable, and wholesome lives

In 2011, I added oracle/tarot cards and pendulum work to my knapsack of divination tool. Since 2013, I have been working closely with crystals, and semi-precious gemstones, for healing and scrying. 

I am certified as a Reiki Level II practitioner as of 2018, and am currently pursuing my Reiki Master Certification