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Crowley was a controversial occultist and magician, so it is no surprise his deck is considered dark and enigmatic. Yet, its richness and complexity provides a profound clarity and accurate guidance in readings. Crowley wrote a guide book, called The Book of Thoth, full of the deepest occult symbology, heavily esoteric, based on the Golden Dawn tradition and really hard to understand. Reading tarot cards in general--including rider-waite, zen osho, angel cards or kipper, among others--is one of the most popular methods of divination today. Divination is the art of seeking hidden knowledge by means of a higher power. It requires one to submit their will and open themselves up to receive messages from those supernatural forces. Grab the opportunity now. Start a chat or a call with one of the most inspiring and wise Tarot readers worldwide. Let us know how it went! We will love to hear about your Tarot journey. Your feedback helps us grow.