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About Me

My readings are delivered with respect and kindness so that you always feel safe to express your deepest concern. In addition I am honest. If he's not coming back I will tell you. If there's something you can do to get a different reaction from him I will tell you that too. 

I show you the path that lies ahead and give you the tools to navigate your way so that you can bring to you the outcome that is best for you. I am particularly gratified that my clients feel better after their reading with me than before they contacted me. 

My approach is empowering, informative and ultimately positive. We all walk this path together, and I am here to walk with you on yours for as long as you need my help.


I have a very unique ability to look into one’s past, present and future to give them clarity upon any and every situation. I discovered my gift at a very young age and I mastered it as well. With my many years of experience I have helped many through their journey. 

I am excited to help you through this!