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About Me

My sight gives people the understanding that only comes from an awareness of your future. 

Your future and my vision equals clarity for you and compassion from me. As a medium, I connect into energy -- your energy, the spirits, and the energies around you -- to give you the words to describe your feelings and concerns. 

What are you apprehensive about? Do you like the direction of your life? 

My vision and listening gifts bring me to an awareness about your past and future. Friends and relatives have been trying to deliver messages of comfort to you! Through me, you will receive their messages. Reading angel cards and runes are my tools. 

You can feel confident about the accuracy of my readings.


Feeling energy has been a gift I've felt since childhood. Using my natural affinity with energy, I offer my gift with another service. 

For clients who strive to surround themselves with positive energy, I offer FengShui consultations. Making a difference in a client's life always makes a difference in mine. Let me help you make a difference in your life today.