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About Me

It's so nice to meet you! ✨😇

Hello there, beautiful soul! I am Jessica and I am so honored to get to know you more here, in this space. I pride myself in that I keep my work simple, articulate, and to the point. I know that life can be hard, so I aim to try to alleviate this by making my readings as simple and actionable as possible. 

I strive to help you clear out what is blocking you quickly, so you can now integrate new layers in your evolution in this lifetime and even lifetimes before this (it's pretty amazing stuff!).

My approach is to deliver you articulate, honest, clear readings so that you walk away feeling heard, supported, and guided towards what is next for you. I am a tarot reader, akashic records reader, and highly intuitive and psychic - which service would be of interest today?! I can't wait to be a part of your wonderful journey!


Let's get to know each other! 🤩💃

I welcomed my spiritual gifts as a young girl when I noticed that life was not happening around me at random! 

I became obsessed with the laws of the universe, and how we can work in congruence with the universal energies and frequencies to craft out a life of our liking! 

I emerged myself in studying this as I knew I would someday be a lightworker to assist others in creating a life they've always dreamed of. 

I have been honing my craft delivering professional spiritual services for over 15 years now! I am a constant student of my craft, and love that the learning never ends in this dimension! 

✨My goal is to get you one step closer to your abundant, beautiful life!✨