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Simply Go Crazy with Whirling to Gain More Clarity and Inner Peace

Simply Go Crazy: Whirling to Gain Inner Peace

Whirling around for inner peace? That might sound strange at first, but it's not. Whirling, an active meditation, is about switching off and coming back to yourself while spinning. Can it work?

Who didn't love doing this as a child: Spinning wildly around your own axis with your arms spread wide until everything around you blurs? This feeling of weightlessness, until suddenly everything is clear again.

Whirling does exactly that: it brings back that special feeling. The whirler consciously focuses on their breathing and concentration during this active meditation. Through this special form of mindfulness, you can quickly achieve inner peace and clarity, as thoughts become secondary and only the here and now matters.

Going crazy like a Dervish

Turkish Dervishes have done it before and for a long time the whirling dance was reserved only for men. The twirl dance, also called Sema, has a religious origin and was practiced in the monasteries of the Mavlevi order. In harmony with rhythmic music and chants, achieving a trance-like state to connect with the divine was the actual goal in whirling.

The meditative effect of the dance is becoming a trend: Selected yoga and meditation centers in larger cities have already discovered the powerful method of new serenity for themselves.

Outside whirlwind, inside calm itself

Under the guidance of experienced teachers, you can learn to rotate around your inner core. With open eyes, one experiences a deceleration from the stressful everyday life while spinning around oneself and gets into a controlled ecstasy. The gaze does not stick to what is passing by but goes inward: Thoughts become secondary and simply move on while you focus entirely on your flowing breathing.

Conscious exhalation helps you to not get completely dizzy. As one spins like a tornado, the inner center becomes more and more peaceful. Of course, the speed is not crucial. In the beginning you start slowly to find out which whirling tempo suits you best.

With or without music, it is up to you. In the beginning it is easier to concentrate on your own body and breathing without music. Once you've really got the hang of it, music can be a good accelerator to get you into your own personal break from everyday life faster.

Got the hang of it?

Want to try whirling at home? With a little practice, you'll be able to spin around yourself with ease.

  1. Stand relaxed and cross your arms in front of your chest.
  2. Begin to turn slowly on the spot with your eyes slightly open. Preferably to the left in the direction of the heart you want to connect with.
  3. Now slowly stretch your arms out to both sides. Continue to turn at a pace that is comfortable for you.
  4. Angle your forearms slightly upwards so that your hands point towards the sky.
  5. Concentrate consciously on slowness and calm, long exhalations. This also helps with slight dizziness.
  6. Direct your gaze inward to the rotating body as your center and enjoy the moment of calm and contemplation.

If it doesn't work right away: Take a short break, drink some water and then gently try again. Practice a few times and soon you will be in active meditation and enjoying this special moment of inner peace and clarity.