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Pure Cosmic Power: the Saturn Year 2021

Pure Cosmic Power: the Saturn Year 2021

Shooting stars, planets and spirituality - what does the Saturn year 2021 bring? 

After last year's turbulence, 2021 is all about Saturn. Now everything revolves around big life decisions. The planet Saturn will be involved in everything this year. New loves, career changes, slowing down or limitless lust for life? Think carefully about what you want to work on this year. 

You can achieve your goals 

Saturn is the second largest planet in the solar system. If a planet is depicted it is typically Saturn with its distinctive ring of dust and moons. In the lunar year 2020, everything revolved around the emotional world. It will be completely different in 2021. In astrology, Saturn stands for austerity and discipline. 

So, it will be less emotional but more productive. Just think of Saturn as a tough but fair coach. With Saturn, you have your destiny in your hands. But you have to work for it. Concrete action and absolute devotion will push you to grow beyond limits and resistance. 

A plan is a plan 

... and good preparation is everything: 

·       What are your plans for 2021? 

·       How does it fit in with your current lifestyle? 

·       What actions do you have to take to implement your ideas? 

You must persevere! 

Pondering and perseverance are important under Saturn. Whether you're producing your own podcast, pushing your blog, looking for a new job, running half marathon, or becoming a hula hoop queen, a few post-its and half-hearted hula hoop acrobatics for your short-lived Instagram story won't cut it. 

Find out what your heart really beats for. Because only what you've carefully thought through will take off. Saturn ensures that only well-implemented ideas get anywhere. 

Propose or pack your suitcase? 

Be honest! How are you doing in love? Saturn represents the reality check in 2021. Singles are over meaningless banter; dating must feel purposeful. The eternal texting back and forth with potential suitors must come to an end. For many, it will become clear whether they still have common goals after merging your lives, or if living together just feels like having a new roommate. 

Under Saturn, relationships can gain intensity or simply clarify things. Is it time for real commitment or would you be better off unfollowing your ex on social media? Use the year to get clear about your love life. Saturn reassures you in your decisions.

Your guide for Saturn year 2021 

Do what you want 

Use the cosmic power! The year of Saturn is perfect for new things. What are you in the mood for? More weekend trips, trying out fresh recipes, scrambling up a climbing wall, getting in a hot air balloon, heading out for some hiking, or planting an herb garden? 

Create a vision board of inspirations that excite you. Photos from your favorite magazine, catchy headlines and snippets from newspapers, inspirational quotes, the paper from your fortune cookie - stick it all on a big sheet of paper and hang your collage in the hallway, over your desk or across your bed. If you think of something, just pin it on your poster. You'll have a growing reminder of your plans. 

Make moments of happiness yourself 

Year in review, new resolutions - all are great. Make sure you set achievable milestones! Small milestones make your goal tangible. Every day 20 minutes of language learning app, 30 minutes of Calm to fall asleep, a new book in your bag, 15 minutes of fitness a day,