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More Hmm in 2021 - Your Astro Sex & Love Guide Part 1

More Hmm in 2021 - Your Astro Sex & Love Guide Part 1

More Hmm in 2021 - Your Astro Sex & Love Guide Part 1

Sex and love in the Saturn year from January to June

Not that you blush, but ... There are some planetary events in the year 2021 that you should get your agenda book out. Are you in a lockdown slump in your sex life right now, or are you due for a partner swap after Corona? One thing we can reveal, in 2021 the stars are in your favor. Our astrologers have predicted the best comic constellations for you. Here is the first part of our big Astro Sex & Love Guide 2021.

Enough WOW in bed?

Boom! Already in mid-January there is a first peak! After Dry January, the pleasure principle finally rules again. The Saturn year fully targets your hidden needs. You’ll know exactly what and especially with whom you want. Your desire is at full speed ahead, and for some couples it's make or break!

Either cabin fever has brought you brand new erotic moments and endless sex (thanks you home office!) or it turns out that you actually only share a platonic affection. So be it! New year, new love or just a little more excitement. Or better yet, excitement. You've never been more ready for spring than right now!

Your Astro Highlights 2021

The year starts with a gigantic explosion of luck

You can circle January 29 in your calendar! With the Sun-Jupiter conjunction, two celestial bodies meet and literally explode. Imagine the feeling like a sparkler. Looks in love, tingling in the belly, laughing together like in the beginning and afterwards sinking into the pillows overjoyed - everything is possible at the end of January. The energy of the two planets shines full on your happiness.

Singles have an especially good forecast, because the date of Sun and Jupiter makes things more open to exciting encounters. So be aware that anything is possible: chatting, lunch-to-go, or shopping. Even social distancing and masks can't impede your charisma. You’ll be like a magnet. Is there someone you've had your eye on for a while or a new crush? Pay attention to it. Maybe you dare to make the first step ...!

Naughty or nice? Valentine's Day will be a major in February

Are you not one for commitments? Rather kink over vanilla? The Kamasutra is with you under the pillow or polyamory is more your speed? Then February will be glorious for you. The Aquarius vibes turn everyone's head. You can live out your desire to experiment with toys or roleplay now. Valentine's Day has never been as sexy as it is in 2021! The Mars-Neptune sextile on February 14 intensifies desire and lust.

You feel what your partner needs and at the same time you are so confident to get what you want. Singles are ready to go all out. Yet, as with everything in life, there is a risk, because until February 21 Mercury is running retrograde and that's when communication breakdowns can occur. Especially for singles this means: feel your way and show what you want. Let an embrace last a little longer and maybe February will be the best time for a first kiss.

Wake up ... in March

In the morning do you feel like doing nothing? Spring feels especially good when you wake up. With the Aries vibes at the start of spring on March 21, your spring fever awakens, and you will enjoy waking up next to your partner. Familiar closeness and starting the day together could become an unexpectedly intense morning ritual.

On March 26 the Sun-Venus conjunction awaits you. With these two planets you almost have permanent joy. Suddenly everything is going well, your dating life or your relationship. Just in time for spring you'll experience a real lucky streak.

Buckle up! April becomes an emotional roller coaster

The whole month will be like the fabled April weather: showers. Wild, unplanned, surprising. Your emotions will be on a roller coaster, up and down. An emotional merry-go-round. On April 6th the Venus-Mars sextile brings you happiness for the first time. With Mars your love life will be fast-paced, in bed, on the carpet, on the lawn or in the shower, between two zooms - it doesn't matter, take your pick. Venus provides emotions on top. Love will make you shine, and sex will not only be excitingly passionate, but extraordinarily intimate. You are in the mood for lust!

But at the end of the month there will be an end to unbridled passion, because from April 27 Pluto runs backwards and pulls you to the dark side. This could lead to tough changes. What felt right at the beginning of April will be questioned at the end of the month. Is your date all they’re cracked up to be? Seize the moment and get inspired by the supermoon on April 27!

May will be a real delight

Living out feelings of happiness is the order of the day. Cuddling, holding hands, eternally long foreplay, sexting or even a bit of dirty talk. In May, everything turns you on. The time spent cuddling in May pays off. From May 13, Jupiter is in Pisces and you'll be full of understanding for your lover.

But you shouldn't neglect your own needs either. Amidst all the love-making and wild cajoling, it's important that you don't come up short. Let your beloved pamper you, be sure to show in which places (and in which position) you want to be loved.

A wicked beginning of summer in June

You will be heating up at the beginning of summer! And it's not only the hot weather that makes you feel hot. You feel super attractive! Above all, you're ready to claim it all. Be it wild splashing in the lake, or road trips with sex in the backseat, or sexy smooching on the balcony or cuddling on a picnic in the park. In your summer outfits you feel sexy and desirable, and it shows. The world is your stage. But! It's not ideal to just fall over each other, because as summer starts, so do the returns.

Jupiter turns retrograde starting June 20, Mercury continues until June 22, and Neptune begins its retrograde on June 25. There's a real danger of your past catching up with you. There may be uncomfortable conversations. Your thoughts circle around your ex, your last Tinder affair, and all those dates that felt good at first. Yet, it's clear that they're your ex for a reason. Reflect on what feels good in the present moment. Let your charms work their magic and your desire for life run free.

Come back in Summer for Part 2!