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How To Recognize If You Have a Soul Connection With Someone

How To Recognize If You Have a Soul Connection With Someone

There are some very specific human encounters in life that spark enlightenment on your life path. These unique moments can help you learn to accept yourself for all your angels and demons.

Through learning about soul connections, soulmates, twin flames and karmic partners you can discover more about yourself and better understand your relationships. These types of relationships are a mirror of what’s concealed inside you. 

Spiritual relationships are the perfect guide to personal growth and self-actualization. Developing your understanding of relationships, regardless the type, will reveal more about yourself and your journey here. Inevitably, you will grow into a more mature version of yourself when you experience romantic love and relationships from a different perspective that mystically echoes the world around you.

The basics of karmic partners, soulmates and twin flames

What is a karmic relationship?
A karmic partner is a person meant to change our life journey; to open up our eyes and learn a lesson we may have not mastered before. If we understand karma as a learning pending from another life, this kind of encounter may challenge us to completely change our current life path.

Meeting that type of person signifies that there is a lesson to acquire in order to grow and evolve spiritually.

Unfortunately, though karmic relationships are very passionate they aren’t meant to last. Karmic relationships can make you feel like you can’t let go and potentially bring out the worst in you. They are also repetitive until the moment you realize and absorb the lesson from the universe.

What are soulmates?
Luckily, we meet many soulmates during our lifetime. They may appear in the form of a romantic couple, a friend, a collaborator or a relative.

When you meet a soulmate there is an instant and undeniable connection. This type of relationship usually comes after going through a karmic relationship where we’ve learned and could let go. Then, here comes the sun and the calm.

A soulmate teaches us to love ourselves, to improve our self-esteem and to live in spirituality.

They help us understand that we do deserve bountifulness and deep love.

What are twin flames?
Twin flames are the same soul split in two, feminine energy and masculine energy, ying and yang (regardless of gender, since a woman may have masculine energy, and vice versa).

They may or may no meet during this life. However, if they do, the emotions felt are very intensely; they transform behavioral patterns and structures in both sides of the relationship.

The love between them is very complex because they are one and understand each other better than anyone. But at the same time, the building of this relationship is full of challenges and wounds to heal that are mostly related to rejection, abandonment, humiliation, betrayal and injustice.

Once the healing is fulfilled, the union is amazingly unique.

Learning is intrinsic here. There is much to learn, transform and overcome. The other twin will endure the same process without the other half.

They can communicate and even be together in some period of time, but the final union will come together when the learning has been achieved in both souls.

It is important to stress that twin flames share healings and emotions. What one does, impacts the other.

In a nutshell, if you experience a karmic relationship you learn something the hard way, and fast. So try to go through the process, learn and get out of there as soon as you can to avoid pain and suffering. Embrace the lessons, so you do not have to keep repeating the same experience over and over again.

If you are in any type of soulmate relationship, you are working together on current life lessons. Work together to achieve your common goals and understanding.

If you think you’ve met your twin flame, you have worked and healed separately; then you will get to share those learnings with each other. When you are in the twin flame learning phase, the two halves are completely transformed, and they will never be same again.

Remember: if you evolve, your relationships will as well. 

Uncover more about your relationships today to become a more conscious soul, relate intelligently and live a better day-to-day life. Build a connection with one of our advisors to gain insight into the spirituality in your relationships.