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How to Build Courage in 3 steps

How to Build Courage in 3 steps

Time for a Burst of Courage

Imagine you had nothing to lose - what would you do differently? Would you have the courage to confess your love to someone? Or finally give your boss a piece of your mind? TIme to just do it!

Be honest: you still haven't managed to quit your boring job, get out of an unhappy relationship, or confess your feelings to the person in your heart. And why? Because of fear - fear of being rejected, fear of hurting others, or simply fear of failing. But where does this insecurity come from?

Dare to be brave

Human beings are social creatures. And as such, we have learned to adapt from an early age. At an early age, we are taught to be polite, to act thoughtfully and not to step out of line. But what if this is exactly the way to stay at peace with oneself and achieve one's goals?

Sure, if you always meet the expectations of others and don't take unnecessary risks, nothing can happen to you, right? Wrong! Because if you're always busy trying to avoid all the risks in life, you'll end up depriving yourself of all opportunities. And is that really worth it?

Realize: There are no guarantees in life. For anything. There will always be someone who doesn't share your opinion or rejects you. And it will also happen that you fail. That's good!

Because that's the only way you'll learn from it and be able to do better next time. It is easier said than done? Maybe. It takes a lot to overcome your doubts and fears and ultimately rise above yourself - above all, courage.

Get out of your comfort zone!

Step 1: Question your fears

Whether at work, in love or at home: If you are once again faced with a challenge that you do not feel up to, ask yourself the following question: What am I actually afraid of? Look critically at your fears and question which of them are really justified.

Step 2: Examine the advantages and disadvantages

Then consider the advantages of your courage and the disadvantages of not doing it. By increasing the importance of your goal, you also intensify the urgency to act.

Step 3: Just do it

Do you have something to say to someone? Say it! Do you want your decision to be accepted? Defend it! Do you want to achieve a specific goal? Go for it!

Courage turns into possibilities

Being courageous doesn’t mean not being afraid - but accepting that something else is more important. Besides, the question "What if ...?" is often much more stressful than a possible failure.

Yes, it can happen that your love is not returned, you do not get the desired job, or your opinion leads to making enemies. Nevertheless, you have lost nothing, because you dared and gave everything.

Expanding knowledge and building a certain pride in your own courage is the least you have gained even from failures. Because every time you do something out of your deepest conviction and dare to do something, your self-confidence and trust in yourself grows. This not only strengthens your presence and self-love, but also helps you to stand up for yourself and your needs more and more.