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Cabin fever or love?

Cabin fever or love?

Couples are getting to know each other from a whole new side in lockdown. And sometimes finding hidden surprises. This time of unprecedented isolation can be an opportunity for relationships.  What happens to love after Corona?

Relationship in the tight quarters

While the lockdown initially felt like a short vacation, many couples are now beginning to experience cabin fever. Couple isolation is the new form of togetherness in the age of Corona and refers to couples who are now together non-stop in the smallest of spaces. That can be nice for some, but for others it's a big challenge. After all, many things come up that were lost in "normal" everyday life. This is a new chance to grow together. But it can also lead to growing apart.

Life at home takes place without external distractions. Without friends, without parties, without traveling, only with your partner. It's almost impossible to get a change of environment, even work is now done in the home office. The constant togetherness becomes a test of endurance. And the daily prospect of yoga pants and slippers is duller than initially imagined. It's no wonder that at some point you may think, "I had imagined everything a bit differently."

Do we really fit together?

Relationships are put to the test by the quarantine and lockdown. Even small idiosyncrasies while eating pizza or drinking coffee can now be the cause of a bad mood. These little moments often reveal that this relationship was having problems even before the lockdown. But of course, there is another way!

Some couples in love realize right now that despite all their quirks, they actually get along quite well. The quarantine shows pretty clearly whether you want to go to the end of the world with your supposed favorite person or just to the end of the quarantine.

Love booster for partners

For some couples, things are going better than ever now. They are happy every day because they can spend so much time together and grow closer. Closeness reinforces to them the feeling of being made for each other or soulmates. Sleeping, making love, working: everything works together and feels wonderful.

And in the evening, they can celebrate this special time with wonderful dinner dates: thanks to fast take out, with food from their favorite restaurant in town. Almost a year in and the lockdown continues to be a breeze. How many couples can say they made it through the 2020 pandemic together? For many, the pandemic will probably be crowned by further commitment (or new additions).

In the mood for some time off?

However, if cabin fever sets in, you have to give each other a break. Long walks in the woods, a bike ride through the neighborhood, or a coffee outside a friend's home: Distance from each other can work wonders. The free space puts things in a different perspective and makes time together special.

And sometimes you can push each other to innovate new activities. Get out of your sweatpants, into jeans and your favorite shoes, put on lipstick and do your hair - and you're ready to go! A little mindfulness, relaxation and anticipation will make you want to go on a hot date night even more. Above all: TV and cell phones are real relationship killers. Treat yourselves to a digital detox together!

What I have always wanted to say to you ...

What needs to be said should be said now. It is best not to wait until it bursts out of you like a volcano in a moment of frustration. Talking is a good way to make sure that you can still look each other in the eye even after you've been in a spat. And you have enough time to reveal everything unsaid. Of course, in a respectful and gentle way. This will make the connection all the more intense and the relationship more honest.

No matter how it ends. A "How are you today?" can reveal much more than a terse "How was your day?". Talking about feelings is a wonderful way to understand the other person even better. However, one question that each person can only answer for themselves is: "Do I still love this person?" And just the way they are.