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#BFF - These Zodiac Signs are Best Friends Forever

#BFF - These Zodiac Signs are Best Friends Forever


With best friends, you can share everything: the funniest times, the most beautiful adventures as well as the tough times. Without BFFs, our lives would only be half as wonderful. But which zodiac signs promise the best combination for a long, close friendship?

Zodiac signs reveal a lot more about a person's personality than you might think. This is not only important when choosing a partner, but also a bit when it comes to best friends. Because they often stay by our side for life. Often even longer than some love lasts. Best friends help us through life’s ups and downs, catch us, listen and make us laugh.

Even in times that seemed hopeless before. It at these times that it is important to have friends around us who understand and complement us best. Let's take a look at who, from an astrological perspective, is quickly becoming a transient shooting star and who has longterm BFF potential.

This friendship is written in the stars


Aries trust their gut feeling and have their goals very clearly in mind. By nature, Aries are full of creativity, spontaneity and emotion. Their personality is paired with a good portion of ambition, which occasionally turns into impatience. For an Aries it is sometimes good to stop for a moment and not to react too impetuously.

Ideal best friend: Libra

Libra is the calm friend when an Aries has again been too impulsive. Libra brings their BFF back down to earth with their calming nature. The courageous Aries and the deeply relaxed Libra support each other when it comes to decisions and important activities.


Taurus are almost legendary for their stubborn nature. This stubbornness pays off on the job. In their personal life, however, this brash nature can be quite exhausting. Despite everything, a Taurus is extremely patient as a friend. The strength and willpower of a Taurus make them a particularly reliable confidant.

Ideal Best Friend: Pisces

Pisces are peaceful and harmony loving. With a Pisces by their side, a Taurus has found a selfless friend who can immediately empathize with any situation. A Pisces BFF likes to show other perspectives without being too demanding on others. These different personalities give each other a sense of grounding and stability.


Gemini's are smart, creative and compassionate. They love unconventional intellectual exchanges with friends. At the same time, they are open to everything new and exciting. A Gemini find exciting people particularly appealing and appreciate friends who push them in their development. For all their sociability, me-time is sacred to them, and there is almost nothing they like less than being confined.

Ideal Best Friend: Aquarius

An Aquarius will never try to restrict a Gemini in their desire for freedom. An Aquarius BFF is no match for the eccentric personality of a Gemini friend. Independence and authenticity are important to achieve happiness factor for both of them. Both air signs are guaranteed to have an insane amount of fun as long as they both give each other plenty of space.


Cancerians are relaxed, reliable people who don't care about being the center of attention all the time. It's the little things in life like time with family and close friends, that makes a Cancer ultimately happy. Whereby Cancers have clear ambitions. Nevertheless, love and togetherness are more important to them than winning.

Ideal best friend: Capricorn

While Cancers mainly relate emotionally to their friends, Capricorn tends to be more down-to-earth and productivity driven. A Capricorn is the perfect support in professional and financial matters for a Cancer. They always have advice for when the Cancer friend is “lost.” A Cancer, on the other hand, brings a bit of carefree attitude to a Capricorn’s everyday life.


Without question, Leo is one of the most dominant signs in the entire zodiac. However, they are also extremely charismatic. Influence and respect are most important to them. Even in their circle of friends, they like to set the tone. Their personality enriches every meeting with creative ideas, especially when it comes to parties and adventurous travel. Leos are always happy to express their opinions openly.

Ideal Best Friend: Sagittarius

Sagittarius is not inferior to Leo in courage and adventurousness. This BFF constellation will never be boring. Leos like to spur their Sagittarius friend on to even more creativity. And what could be more exciting than friends who keep luring each other out of their comfort zone?


Virgos are known for particularly sensitive conversations that go beyond typical small talk. In a Virgo you will find a friend who always has an open ear. If there is a problem, they are always right there to help find a solution. A Virgo is a wonderful friend who can always be counted on.

Ideal Best Friend: Scorpio

Scorpios are just as empathetic as Virgo. But Scorpios like to take their time before giving their trust to others. The Virgo BFF is a perfect match for the Scorpio with their empathy. The basis of this friendship is complete trust. Together these two zodiac signs go through the worst crises and best adventures seamlessly.


Libra is naturally the balancing part of any friendship. They also like to mediate, even in deadlocked situations. With their strong diplomacy and understanding of differing opinions and perspectives, a Libra always brings a special appreciation for others.

Ideal best friend: Gemini

In terms of friendship, a Libra is an exceptionally good match for the daring Gemini. Their lively exchange influences both of them in a positive way. A Libra is an extremely good counter pole for a Gemini when they inevitably go overboard again. A Gemini BFF gives Libras a lot of power and the self-confidence to courageously tackle their dreams.


Scorpios are one of the most secretive signs in the zodiac and don’t like to reveal their feelings. When problems arise, they try to work everything out with themselves. Confiding in someone takes forever. However, when they are needed by dear friends, they are immediately at hand.

Ideal best friend: Cancer

Scorpios like to surround themselves with emotionally intelligent people. With them they feel understood and safe. Hardly anyone fits better than having a highly emotional Cancer as a friend. Cancer perceives even subtle vibrations and manages to put the complex emotional world of the Scorpio back into perspective.


Sagittarians are known for their intensity, spontaneity and zest for life. When life becomes too monotonous, a Sagittarius sometimes rebels against constraints and seek adventure. Sometimes, however, a Sagittarius loses sight of the big picture and its real goal because of all the excitement.

Ideal Best Friend: Aries

While Sagittarians are adventurers, Aries tend to be doers. For their brilliant ideas, a Sagittarius best needs an Aries friend to drive them to put brilliant ideas into action. When a Sagittarius and an Aries get involved with each other, even the impossible becomes true.


Capricorns are known for going above and beyond. Especially when it comes to realizing their dreams. Projects are pursued single-mindedly and planned meticulously. A Capricorn is always on the lookout for the next big thing. In the process, they can lose sight of himself. Thus, a Capricorn achieves thier goals, but neglects their well-being.

Ideal best friend: Taurus

A Taurus understands a Capricorn. Especially because they are is extremely practical and proactive in their approach. A Taurus BFF moves a Capricorn forward in their pursuit of goals and celebrates every small milestone with them. This mindfulness is good for a Capricorn. In return, a Taurus gets the push to really get going.


An Aquarius is constantly in the mood for something new. They are eccentric and ready for any adventure. At the bottom of their heart, an Aquarius wants to make the world a better place. Every now and then, however, they strays a bit from the path to pursue their own goals.

Ideal best friend: Leo

An Aquarius can get a little lost in their do-gooder ideas from time to time. A Leo friend likes to remind an Aquarius to focus on themselves in between. A Leo is just as creative and wants to be seen, however, they are also pros at relaxing. This is something an Aquarius BFF learns from.


Pisces are sensitive and true experts when it comes to deep feelings. Their empathy makes them loving friends. You can always rely on the emotional advice of a Pisces-born. Almost selflessly, a Pisces likes to become a benefactor and sometimes has to be careful not to be taken advantage of by others.

Ideal Best Friend: Virgo

While a Pisces is calm and carefree, they may sometimes get lost in their daydreams. A Virgo as a friend shows the Pisces the real life. The two together are a true dream team and complement each other in letting go or sometimes living out their spiritual side.