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6 Simple Ways to Declutter & Prioritize Your Life

6 Simple Ways to Declutter & Prioritize Your Life


More minimalism for more happiness

There are some days when everything feels like just too much. Those days are the best time to finally rethink some things, discard them or maybe just rearrange them.

Journaling has proven to be a great way to do this! Unlike scrap books, which involve pasting pictures, making small drawings, and creating collages, journaling lets you focus entirely on reflecting on your thoughts and impressions. You simply write your thoughts down and consciously ask yourself questions about your current situation. This reflection will help you to bring more clarity into your life and to see what could perhaps run a little better.

Starting new habits can be daunting. Try not to get lost in the details, it is important to set small achievable steps. With these 6 ways, your mental clean-up will be easy!

Let's get started with more clarity in life:

1. Start the day tidy

Consciously start the day with enough time before your commitments. Then you can wake up relaxed, maybe have a little yoga, fitness or meditation session and envision what's coming up for the day. Last-minute postponements don't stand a chance. The less hectic you get up in the morning, the more prepared you'll feel for upcoming projects. And don't forget: Coffee first! Or a big glass of warm water with lemon—it'll wake you up and increase your circulation.

2. Bring structure into your life

Are you one of those people who do things on the side and never really have time to finish anything? Routines and set habits can save a lot of time. For example, set a day specifically for shopping or for doing laundry instead of going to the grocery store or sorting laundry every day. Bundling tasks can save quite a bit of time.

3. Reduce your commitments

Some examples: You go to your parent’s house for lunch every Sunday even though you are hungover after Saturday night. You still go out of obligation even though you're more in the mood for hot yoga. Or you're always the one who gets stuck organizing celebrations for your colleagues when someone has a birthday? Then it's time to put a stop to those unpleasant commitments. Remember that every day is unique and time is the one thing you can't buy. So, do more of what feels good to you.

4. Unplug once in a while

Too much on your mind, too much time on social media, too much unsolicited feedback? Then a digital detox would definitely do you some good. Going completely offline is the new luxury (that goes for dating apps, too, by the way). Take some time to walk through life in a completely analog way. Fill your curiosity with books, movies, festivals and friends. For sustainable detoxing, it's a good idea to simply delete apps you almost never use and ban your phone from your bedroom completely.

5. Declutter your home

Follow Marie Kondo’s model to see how easy minimalism can be. The less clutter you carry around, the better. At the same time, you can also make a little money by selling off your old clothes and furniture. Of course, you won't become a minimalist overnight. So, it's best to create little corners or a basket where you put everything you want to put away later. This makes the chaos manageable and at the same time you create a space where you can find everything again. And always ask yourself how much of all your stuff you really need to be happy and content. You'll find how liberating it is to only own one of the things you really like at a time.

6. Say goodbye to acquaintances

You know that feeling of not wanting to go on your coffee date? Maybe there's that one friend you regularly cancel on short notice? Every time you meet up, you feel drained or misunderstood. Or even worse, you can't get a word in edgewise? Friendships change and it can happen that after years you eventually go your separate ways. That's not bad at all, it's the course of life. You'll realize how much better it feels to spend time with people who make you happy instead.