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About Me

I am an empathetic spiritual life coach. With over 20 years experience, I use tarot and oracle cards, along with my intuition for readings. I use traditional tarot spreads along with ones I create as I feel drawn to what is needed for the reading. 

I create natal birth charts, spell jars, for love, protection, healing, finances, whatever your unique need, will be custom one of a kind. Chakra balancing, helps remove energy blockages, keep your energy flowing freely as it naturally should. Spiritual guidance, when you feel another point of view is helpful and a different understanding. 

Understanding shadow work and how it is effecting your day to day, shadow-self has traits that you can use to further your own personal development. Coaching is about creative exploration of possibilities, not structuring predetermined systems and pathways. 

I am also a wife, mother of three souls, and an artist. In my free time I create acrylic abstract art. I enjoy being out in nature and with animals.


I was born empathetic, Cancer/ Leo cusp. with a few Claires, claircognizance, clairaudient, and clairsentience. 

I also create spell jars for healing, protection, love, and finances. I use rocks natural vibrations to help heal and protect and attract what is needed per individual needs. I create natal charts, to help understand planet arrangement on your birth. A deeper understanding of how the universe was aligned, and how the energy influences you. 

Along with my natural ability, I have training in life coaching, and Reiki energy healing. 20 years of card reading and 🦋spiritual guidance. I use tarot and oracle card, with traditional and my own tarot spreads for readings

Cards I use for insight ⚖️, perspective, clarity, personal growth, inspiration, coaching, and divination.