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About Me

You've got questions and concerns, I have the answers. And I'm very efficient with your sacred time

My name is Anderson, and I'm a clairvoyant psychic. I'm also a spiritual catalyst and a life coach

I know just what you need to do, and the things you really must-hear. I'm known both for precision in my readings, but also for loving and supportive bluntness. I'm here to walk with you on your journey. Assisting you on your life path is my specialty, but I'm also extremely accurate with love and relationship questions. Job and money concerns can also be resolved with my help. 

In addition to being a clairvoyant psychic, I'm a life and spiritual catalyst. Communication with me will allow your life to progress more quickly and efficiently. I'm also an expert in breaking curses and removing bad energy from your life. 

I'm extremely easy to talk to, and I'm full of enthusiasm and light. Life can be extraordinarily difficult. Sometimes a little boost and support is all you need. Let me help you and walk with you. 

I feel the time is right for me to help you. Let's do this together!


I've been assisting people with my clairvoyant psychic gifts since I was a child. People have come to my whole life for answers to life's questions. I've also always been able to help bring light into people's lives. As I became a teenager, I started to get feelings about the future. I buried these gifts for a time due to family pressure and misunderstanding. But my gifts were still present within. 

As I reached my twenties and early thirties, I started to do more formal readings. And then I met my mentor, Robert. He taught me how to recognize the psychic parts of me, and share them with others. He had a congregation and would ask me questions from his disciples. 

Then 7 years ago, I was doing what I call "Anderson Vibes" multiple times a week. That has led to many, many readings. Both formal, paid readings and just talking to strangers in the grocery store. I travel to do events at colleges and participate in local psychic fairs. I've received incredible feedback, and usually, I'm the event favorite. 

My life is committed to sharing the things I know. To share the knowledge I receive. I meet with people locally and talk over the phone. No matter where you are, I reach and extend a loving hand to help you on your life's path. 

You're not alone. I know you feel a pull to talk with me, so let's connect. I'm here for you at this moment. You matter to me. Looking forward to talking with you soon!